A business rates audit is a completely different process to that of an appeal. Rather than looking at the RV of a property an audit investigates the bills you have been issued for your property by the local council.

An audit can look as far back as 1995 in terms of the billing processes carried out by your local council and looks purely at how the bill has been compiled by the council and the payments that have been made.

As the two processes are looking at different aspects of business rates they can be carried out simultaneously with one not impacting on the other. Together they provide a complete ‘health check’ of the business rates previously and currently owed as well as the future rates payable to ensure the business rates are correct across all formulation and billing points.

An audit will look at , but is not limited to, the following aspects :

  • Bill formulation
  • Reliefs not applied or incorrectly applied
  • Historic changes that have not been carried out
  • Changes to a property that has since been vacated but affect your bill from when you were in occupation
  • Historic RV Changes
  • Vacations
  • Transitional relief

It is important to note that while an audit is being carried out you must continue to pay your business rates bills.

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